Islamic Association to Hold Grand Launching of Congress and Silatbar

The Central Leadership of the Islamic Union (PP PERSIS) will hold a Grand Gathering (Silatbar) and Grand Launching Congress. This activity is part of the congress.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the XVI congress EXACTLY Dr. Haris Muslim explained that this year, PERSIS and the Autonomous Body had a similar activity, namely the Congress.

“PP PERSIS itself will hold the XVI Congress on 23-26 September 2022, and the XIII PERSISTRI Congress will be held on 23-26 September 2022,” said Dr. Haris in his written statement, Saturday (13/8/2022).

In addition, there will also be the XII PERSIS Youth Conference on 21-22 December 2022, and the PERSIS Student Association X Conference (HIMI) on 28-31 December 2022.

“The Silatbar activity and the Grand Launching of the Congress will be held at the Jalak Harupat Stadium, Bandung Regency, on Saturday (27/08/2022),” said Dr. Harris.

The General Secretary of PP PERSIS also explained that the consideration of choosing the Stadium in Jalak Harupat as the location of the event was because it was quite close to the location of the PERSIS Conference.

“The capacity is very large and quite spacious compared to other locations,” he said.

His party has gone through a number of preparations, including various permits because it will gather many people at one point.

“With the stadium, it’s finished. Until the time of implementation, God willing, there will be no problems, “said Dr. Harris.

The main target of this event, he said, was to channelize and appreciate the enthusiasm of the ummah for the congress. In addition, his party also wants to provide space for the congregation to celebrate this five-year celebration.

“The joy that is packaged in the Grand Launching and Silatbar event aims to build friendships while strengthening, strengthening ukhuwah, with us gathering together. And also inflame the spirit of Jamiyyah,” he explained.

The Grand Launching of the Congress and Silatbar can be the right momentum to strengthen the spirit of Jamiyyah.

It estimates that the congregation who will attend will be around 27,000 people.

“But the committee has anticipated the crowds of pilgrims. Because the actual capacity of the stadium itself is around 40,000 people,” he said.

One form of anticipation is to prepare a large screen outside the stadium for worshipers who cannot enter the stadium, so that pilgrims who do not enter can still feel the euphoria of this event.

The General Secretary of PP PERSIS also explained that the authority for the event was managed by the Committee for the Publication and Documentation section. As for technical matters, his party gave full authority to the local committee, namely PD PERSIS, Bandung Regency.

Considering the magnitude of the activities that participated in this congress, his party hoped that the event would run smoothly without any shortcomings.

“And the congregation can celebrate the euphoria of the congress, and strengthen the relationship,” he concluded.