“The Satanic Verses” Writer Salman Rushdie, Attacked by an Unknown Man

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NewYork – Writer Salman Rushdie, who received death threats in the 1980s for his writing, was attacked on Friday before giving a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York.

A man burst onto the stage and began punching or stabbing Rushdie as he was introduced. Rushdie, 75, fell to the floor, and the assailant was arrested, according to Travis Seward, general manager of 10Best at USA TODAY, who witnessed the attack.

A small group of people quickly surrounded the author of “The Satanic Verses”, raising his legs to possibly send blood to his chest. Rushdie was taken by helicopter to hospital, state police said. His condition was not immediately known.

Rushie Attack: Salman Rushdie, author of the controversial book ‘The Satanic Verses,’ was attacked on stage in NY.

What book did Salman Rushdie’s write?

The Indian-born novelist has authored more than a dozen books, and six of his novels are USA TODAY bestsellers.

His 1981 “Midnight’s Children”, detailing India’s transition from British colonial rule to independence, won the Booker Prize. Other books include 1983’s “Shame”, 1990’s “Haroun and the Sea of ​​Stories” and 2017’s “The Golden House”.

Rushdie’s latest novel, “Quichotte,” published in 2019, puts its spin on Miguel de Cervantes’ classic with former President Donald Trump’s modern-day Don Quixote satirizing America. This book has long been listed for the Booker Prize.

In 2023, the author is expected to publish his 13th book, “Victory City: A Novel,” which follows a woman who “breathed a fantastical empire into existence, only to be consumed by her for centuries,” according to Amazon’s description.

But the author is best known for his controversial book “The Satanic Verses”, which was published in 1988 and has been banned in many countries.