Tower of Fantasy Game: All Characters, Skins & Bio

Anime MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, you can not only explore the open game world with your own character, but also change your appearance using simulacra (weapons). We will show you which characters are available and what skins they offer you.

That’s Simulacrums: A Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy is nothing more than a hero character whose role you can take on. All you need is a suitable weapon, which you can get through the Gacha system, namely the in-game Lootbox, with little chance of getting it.

These are all current Fantasy Tower characters

#1 Bai Ling

  • Rarity: SR
  • Weapon: Nightingale feather
  • Type: Physical
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Birthday: May 8
  • Gifts: Rare items, Saved, Decorations

Bio: As head of HT201 protection, Bai Ling is in charge of day-to-day operations and combat command. He had just taken over, so still seemed a little overwhelmed and nervous at work.

#2 Cocoritter

  • Rarity: SSR
  • Weapon: Freezing
  • Type: Ice
  • Height: 147 cm
  • Birthday: June 1
  • Gifts: Toys, Rare items, Decorations

Bio: His unconditional belief in everything and everyone sometimes raises concerns, but behind this alleged naivety lies a strong determination to save as many people as possible through his healing arts.

#3 Crow

  • Rarity: SSR
  • Weapon: Thunder Blades
  • Type: Lightning
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Birthday: December 17
  • Gifts: Everyday items, Figurines, Limited Shop items

Bio: Where Crow is, fun is not far behind! He’ll show you his dagger collection with a proud chest, perform stunning dagger tricks, or crack a bunch of really embarrassing jokes.