Types of North Sumatra Coffee’s, Everything Has Go-International?

Café has indeed become a favorite hangout place in every area, not only young people, even the old ones are still a hobby to hang out.

Hang out vocabulary is usually used when sitting together with friends or colleagues, when you hang out, you definitely drink not far from coffee.

It is undeniable that coffee lovers are not only in Indonesia, but also abroad. In addition to Thailand and several other ASEAN countries, Indonesia is one of the largest coffee supplying countries.

Speaking of coffee, we will thoroughly discuss several types of coffee from North Sumatra.

Sipirok Coffee

The taste of coffee beans from the highlands of Sumatra is very popular, not only in Indonesia but also abroad. Call it Aceh Gayo, Sidikalang, Lintong, and Mandhaeling coffee. However, maybe not many people know Sipirok coffee.

Coffee cultivation in the Sipirok area has been carried out since colonial times. During the reign of Siregar Akkola Dolok 1839, coffee plantations were first known which were then marketed to the Dutch colonials. There are at least 6 regions that are the main producers of coffee, namely Sipirok, Marancar, East Angkola, Arse, Saipar Dokok Hole and Aek Bilah. The coffee harvested from Sipirok is then sent to Mandhaeling to be collected before being sold. Therefore, the name Mandhaeling coffee is better known by the market.

Sidikalang Coffee

For true coffee connoisseurs, you will know the best types of coffee from Sumatra. One of them is Sidikalang coffee. This is one of three regions in North Sumatra that produce coffee with a unique taste. Besides Sidikalang, two other areas are Mandailing and Lintongnihuta.

The Sidikalang area is located in the Bukit Barisan area with an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. The combination of the cool and cold areas with the fertile soil types in the Sidikalang region, is able to create one of the best coffees in the archipelago.

For your information, coffee from North Sumatra is known to have a smooth texture and complex taste. The majority of coffee in this region is processed dry or wet. Thus creating a distinctive and unique coffee aroma.

One of the superior products from Sidikalang is Robusta coffee. The aroma and taste of Sidikalang robusta coffee is indeed similar to robusta in other regions or countries. Like a taste similar to chocolate and slightly sweet. However, the fragrance produced by Sidikalang robusta is not too sharp.

Lintong Coffee

Lintong coffee is the original coffee produced in Lintong Nihuta, Humbang Hasundutan Regency. Lintong coffee is one of the most famous coffees from Sumatra, parallel to Mandailing coffee and Gayo coffee. In the international market, Lintong coffee can be marketed under various names, including Sumatra Blue Lintong, Blue Batak, Sumatra Lintong Mandheling, and many more.

Just like Dolok Sanggul coffee, the majority of Lintong coffee farmers are small coffee farmers who sell coffee harvests without post-harvest processing.

In the early 19th century, people began to grow coffee plants from coffee beans brought by the Dutch to the Lintong Nihuta area. The type of coffee plant that is brought is Arabica. This variety of coffee is named Lasuna, Garunggang, or Djember by local residents.

Mandailing Coffee

Before discussing where Mandailing Coffee is grown and how it is processed, let’s discuss the origin of the name first.

As mentioned earlier, Mandailing Coffee comes from North Sumatra, precisely in the Mandailing Regency of Sumatra. The name of this coffee is based on the name of one of the oldest tribes in Southeast Asia.

As mentioned earlier, Mandailing Coffee comes from North Sumatra, precisely in the Mandailing Regency of Sumatra. The name of this coffee is based on the name of one of the oldest tribes in Southeast Asia.

This coffee tree can be found in plantations in the Bukit Barisan area which has a height of up to 5000 feet and the lowest is 2500 feet above sea level. This geographical bonus makes Mandailing Coffee has a unique taste that is difficult to duplicate.

When viewed from its history, this Mandailing Coffee has been known since 1800. So it is not surprising that until now this Mandailing Coffee has become one of the famous types of coffee in Indonesia and is a favorite of many people.