7 Apps That to Create Your Favorite Android Quotes for Content Writers

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Do you have a hobby of stringing words together and love to share them? Perhaps an app for making quotes is your go-to platform for expanding your creativity.

With the help of the application, your quote will look more attractive and can be transferred easily.

Some of the following applications may be suitable to beautify the appearance of your quote.

#1 YourQuote

YourQuote is one of the most popular quote builder apps. This app provides millions of wallpapers that you can use to enhance the look of your quote. You can cast your words in any language in any language.

This application makes it easy for you to meet thousands of readers and writers on its platform. You can start arranging your words each day by uploading them to YourQuote

YourQuote supports the property rights of those of you who have exceeded 48 posts. YourQuote also provides a sharing feature for your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

#2 Geulgram

Geulgram for making quotes this time allows you to insert words into images. Geulgram provides high quality images that you can use as quote background.

In addition to that, you can also choose fonts that are available in different languages. Uniquely, there is a feature that allows you to add your signature. Although it’s free, Geulgram does not create watermarks that can interfere with your quote design.

#3 TextArt

TextArt is an easy-to-use quote creator app. This app lets you choose from 20 fonts art that support the look of your quotes. Not only that, but you can adjust the text color, size, transparency and shade according to your desires.

This app also provides more than 50 photo filters that you can of course use as quote background. After you finish designing the quote, you can save it to your phone gallery or share it to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

#4 TextSwag

Text Swag provides a feature where you can create an attractive quote. Equipped with hundreds of quote references, this app can also make it easier for you to put together words. Text Swag provides various font and image designs that you can mix and match according to your liking.

Using this application is very easy. It starts by selecting an image, then you can enter a quote and edit it. Select the writing style you want to use and save it. You can share your quote design on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

#5 Canva

Canva is very familiar to content writers. Canva is a quick and attractive design choice. This versatile application allows you to create videos, logos, stickers, invitation and greeting cards, and more.

You can use the feature to create and edit writing or speech to provide the best quote. Canva truly fuels your design creativity with over 500 font options. You can also insert an image from your phone gallery as wallpaper to make the quote more interesting.

These are some of the bidding apps for Android versions that you can use. Create the best quote with attractive presentation design. Good luck and God bless you!