New Donghua Airing in September – October 2022, Don’t Miss It!

Donghua is a Chinese anime series with 3D CGI & CCG which is really eye-catching. Characters and Locations that make donghua lovers unable to leave the series, even if they wait for weeks.

There are many Donghua series that have been aired for a while, guys, but in this article we will only discuss the synopsis of Donghua, which only aired from September to October.

What are the donghua series that will air in September-October?

# Everlasting God of Sword

Wangu Jian Shen, 万古
Status: Upcoming Season: Summer 2022
Studio: 2:10 Animatión Negara: China
Network: Youku Tipe: Donghua
Dirilis: Sep 30, 2022 Episode: 26
Durasi: 20 min per ep Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy

Shen Zhenyi was the third young master and now the patriarch of the most powerful sect known in the Nine Hells, the Qi Jian Sect. He is also known as the most influential swordsman in the region.

When Third Prince Shen was 4 years 2 months old, he started his sword training. At the age of 7, he learned the Ten Thousand Tibetan Sword Arts. At the age of 11 he fought Yu Taoist of Shangqing Palace, in one strike he unleashed 185 strikes with his sword which made him the fastest swordsman in the world of martial arts.

Unable to resist any attack moves, Yu Tao admitted defeat, everyone was amazed by his talent and they declared him a peerless genius. At the age of 14, the third prince Shen relied on the 6th ancient sword technique unstoppable and won against any of the 10 swordsmen, Zuo Tianxing was crazy about swords and therefore deserved to win the title of “First Swordsman of the Abyss”.

Becoming an extremely talented young swordsman in less than 10 years, he would be able to surpass a realm that no one in the world of martial arts had ever attained. It is even possible to reach the so-called legendary martial realm breaking through to the immortal realm.

But 9 months before chapter 1, the third prince Shen and the world’s number one Martial Artist, Mino of the Demon Sect had a fight on Chi Ri Island, on that day Shen in a span of 100 moves pierced the throat of the evil martial artist. Dan became the number one martial artist in the world but in the same fight, Shen was injured by the evil Qi which destroyed 19 meridians in his entire body.

Although he did not lose his life, but as a martial artist, he lost all his skills during that time, it was the biggest regret in the martial arts world, that everyone thought but in fact Shen slowly refined his meridians for 9 months in secret and that’s where the story begins.

300-400 years before the start of the story Shen died and was reincarnated as Shen Zhenyi. Before his reincarnation he was known as the god of the sword.

# Peerless Double Pride

Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄

Status: Upcoming Season: Summer 2022
Network: Tencent Negara: Tiongkok
Studio: Guangzhou Baiman Culture Communication Co. Ltd. Tipe: Donghua
Dirilis: Jul 25, 2022 Episode: 18
Durasi: 18 min per ep Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy

“Peerless Double Pride” is the first domestic animated work adapted from the novel of the same name by Mr. Gu Long. The work depicts the fateful bond of a pair of twin brothers who love and kill each other: 17 years ago, “the richest man in the world” Jiang Feng and his future wife were chased by the twelve astrological signs of thieves in rivers and lakes, and gave birth to a pair of twins before they died.

The story of twin brothers who were separated at birth but grew up to become supreme martial artists. Raised to avenge each other, they soon find themselves to be best friends. Together they vow to take over the world of martial arts and seek their true identity.

Jiang Xiao Yu, better known as Xiao Yu Er, was raised by the Ten Great Villains in the Valley of Villains. He was trained and raised to think that he would become the top villain in the world of martial arts. Over the years, he has learned many tricks and becomes a naughty prankster, albeit with a good heart.

As soon as he was ready to leave the Valley of Villains, he met Hua Wu Que, who he didn’t know was actually his twin brother. Hua Wu Que grew up in Yi Hua Palace under the care of Princess Yao Yue. Princess Yao Yue has a one-sided love for her father, Jiang Feng, and wants to take revenge on him. So, he separated the twins at birth and raised them in hopes that they would become enemies and fight each other to the death.

Separately, Jiang Bie He, who was once Jiang Feng’s servant, teamed up with his son Jiang Yu Lang in a conspiracy that might destroy the entire world of martial arts. Hua Wu Que and Xiao Yu Er teamed up to try to take him down.

# Pulling Mountain and Rivers [Li Ba Shan He Xi Zi Tang]


Status: Ongoing Season: Summer 2022
Network: Tencent Negara: Tiongkok
Studio: Guangzhou Baiman Culture Communication Co. Ltd. Tipe: Donghua
Dirilis: Aug 29, 2022 Episode: ?
Durasi: 10 min per ep Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy

The story tells that Prince Tang, the son of Timur, was born at an inopportune time, and the country fell apart. With her nanny living in the border town, her nanny has been raising the prince in peace, and hopes that he can take on the task of restoring the country in the future.

Name of family and country feeling: Xizitang. In the blink of an eye, Xizitang was eight years old, and was sent to Chuiyun Mountain by his nurse to train.

After practicing for ten years, I finally broke through the martial world and stepped into the fairyland with the hammer of the martial arts god left behind by my ancestors, and with the momentum of the newborn calf that is not afraid of the tiger, I swear to hang the Eight Immortals and destroy The Four Liberations of Penglai. The continent is peaceful. There were immortal cultivators on the four continents, and Xi Zitang was just a little brother.

Under the identification of the city’s immortal list, he received Fanxian’s inferior certificate, but in Coming today, even the job requirements for food delivery are Fanxian. Wait, how can this be good? After accumulating buffs for ten years, how did Xi Zitang, who had just entered the arena, set off a bloody storm in the arena?