What Is An API? How Does It Work?

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If an application can be developed without making every component from scratch, of course, the job for a developer can be easier and application development more efficient.

Well, this is the role of the API. For web developers or mobile developers, API is one aspect that can simplify the program being created.
This article will discuss the meaning of the API, and the benefits of using the API.

What are APIs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API itself is an interface that can connect one application with another application.

In other words, the role of the API is as an intermediary between various different applications, both within the same platform or across platforms.

Furthermore, the API itself can be used for communication with a variety of different programming languages. This is certainly quite easy for developers. In fact, developers don’t need to provide all the data themselves because they just need to retrieve the data they need from other platforms via the API.

For example, API is a waiter in a restaurant. The waiter’s job is to connect the restaurant guests with the cook.
So, guests simply order food according to the existing menu list and the waiter informs the cook. Later, the waiter will return to the guest with the food that is ready to order.

Benefits of Using API

Then, what are the benefits of using an API for a business?
Building Functional Apps
By using the API, it will be easier to create functional and complex applications. Without the need to add data manually, the developed application will have the features of the intended application.

For example, in the Grab application. As a transportation service platform, the role of maps is very important. However, Grab doesn’t need to develop its own map app. With the API, the application simply takes data from Google Maps.

The use of this API is enough to help make the Grab platform bigger. The reason is that developers simply develop other services because the use of maps as the main element is ensured to run well because they have used the API from Google Maps.

More Efficient Application Development

By using the API, there is no need to communicate directly with other applications that you want to connect. Enough with the communication via the API. This is very helpful, especially if you want to build cross-platform applications with multiple services at once.