Best Free Football Streaming Apps 2022, Watch All World Football Leagues!

The free live football streaming application is certainly very reliable by football fans. The presence of this application makes the experience of watching your favorite club matches easier and more practical.

Many football fans don’t want to miss the action of their favorite clubs and players, especially in well-known competitions such as the English Premier League, Italian Serie A League, and Spanish La Liga. However, not everyone can standby in front of the television screen to enjoy football broadcasts.

Calm down, ApkVenue will give you recommendations for the best free live streaming ball application for Android devices. So, you must download the one that suits your taste so you don’t miss various exciting matches!

#Live Soccer TV – Live Scores

The Live Soccer TV application is one of the APKs that many people use to watch football matches. The reason is, the streaming channels that appear in this application are very complete.

There are about 4,000 sports channels from 200 countries that you can watch on Live Soccer TV. All channels that are present in the APK for watching football online are guaranteed free so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Interestingly, you can not only watch sports matches. You can also read various news and articles made by the Live Soccer TV team, you know.

In fact, this legal soccer streaming application provides match standings information. So, you don’t need to look for match statistics everywhere, just access it from one application.


Rojadirecta is an application that allows you to enjoy live football broadcasts from all leagues, cups and championships around the world. This application also presents the results of live football matches in real time.

You simply select the desired competition based on a collection of countries or divisions. This application is suitable for all football fans, especially those who need information 24 hours a day.

Users can watch football broadcasts for free or paid with just one click. Whether from a smartphone or PC, this application is the right choice if you want to know everything related to football.


MyCujoo is a free application that can be a medium for broadcasting live football matches without production costs. So, users can use this application to enjoy football broadcasts from other users.

This streaming application is easy to use for you to help football fans enjoy various competitions from more than 150 countries. This app also provides result information and match statistics.

Interestingly, users acting as broadcasters can monetize content through sponsorships and advertisements. Besides being easy to use and free, this app can make you money.


Stream2Watch is a streaming application with more than 100 TV channels that can be accessed directly from a smartphone. You can find everything from entertainment events to popular sports or football here.

Thanks to HD TV quality and live view, watching football broadcasts becomes a lot of fun. Users are advised to use a WiFi network instead of a data plan to get a more comfortable experience when accessing it.

Stream2watch APK is an option to watch or stream football worldwide. You can also access any sporting event from anywhere in the world for free.

#Vidio TV

The best soccer streaming application that ApkVenue recommends is Vidio TV. This application is equipped with Premium TV channel features and in it there are several sports channels that broadcast football leagues, badminton tournaments, NBA, F1, and so on.

Interestingly, here you can also enjoy many entertainment programs such as series, anime, to movies. In fact, some of them are original programs done by the Vidio team.

Unfortunately, not all football/sports matches or other programs can be accessed for free. You have to buy a “premium” plan to be able to access all its features.

Usually, the subscription fee for the Vidio TV package starts from Rp. 29,000/month. The steps for using it are as follows.
Open the Vidio TV application that you have downloaded, here you can see various kinds of shows that are currently airing in the application.

To search for live football match channels, go to the menu and select categories.

Select the Sports category, and here you can see a row of available football live streaming channels.