PD IPM Holds 10 K Marathon Running Competition

The Regional Leadership of the Muhammadiyah Students Association (PD IPM) held a 10K Marathon running competition, followed by 67 participants on Sunday (18/09) at the South Tapanuli Muhammadiyah University (UMTS) Campus.

The competition was officially released by Mayor P. Sidempuan Irsan Efendi Nasution, SH attended by Danramil, Head of Hutaimbaru Police, Deputy Chancellor III, Head of Sports and Tourism, Head of Education, Head of Communications and Information Technology, Secretary of Baplitbangda, All Committees, Jury, and Participants.

This was explained by the Protocol and Communications Section of the Regional Secretariat of P. Sidempuan City Leaders via WhatsApp.

“I appreciate the positive activities initiated and organized by IPM that are able to gather young people with a sports spirit,” said the Mayor.

In addition to filling free or empty time, this activity is an opportunity to hone athletic skills while showing the ability to achieve the best, explained Irsan.

Committee Chairman Naser Al-Sobri reported that 67 participants took part in the 10K marathon which consisted of students and the public.

From the results of the following competitions, the first winner to third place winner is Fiktor with a time of 33 minutes 29 seconds, the second winner is Otoni Gulo with a time of 34 minutes 8 seconds and the winner is Dodi Alfayed with a time of 35 minutes 33 seconds.

Furthermore, Mayor P. Sidempuan Irsan Efendi also handed over the trophy to the winner of the marathon competition.