Chairman of PWRI North Sumatra Attends PWRI Coordination Meeting Simalungun Regency

The Chairperson of the North Sumatra PWRI accompanied by the Secretary and the OKK chairman fulfilled the invitation of the PWRI Simalungun Coordination Meeting last afternoon (20/09/22).

In order to strengthen the ties of Silaturahmi in the organization of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the Association of Journalists of the Republic of Indonesia (PWRI) North Sumatra (North Sumatra) ) which has been officially inaugurated by the Central Leadership Council (DPP) for the upcoming 2022-2027 term, must be able to be at the forefront.

DPC PWRI Simalungun Regency in a coordination meeting fully hopes for DPD PWRI of North Sumatra, to always guide and provide education that refers to Law (UU.PERS) No. 40 of 1999.

“The chairman of the PWRI Simalungun Regency Suriyadi, in his speech hoped that PWRI could be present in the midst of the community and government agencies, especially in Simalungun Regency”.

The coordination meeting was held in the YPI Dharma Budi Junior High School room, which is located on Jalan Manik Maraja, Manik Maraja Village, Sidamanik District, Simalungun Regency.

Foto Bersama DPC PWRI Simalungun dan DPD PWRI Sumut
Docu: Photo Together with DPC PWRI Simalungun and DPD PWRI Sumut

Present at the meeting held by DPC PWRI Simalungun, Dr. Masdar Limbong, M.Pd (PWRI Chairman of the North Sumatra), Secretary Joko Imawan S.Pd.I, MM, Chairman of OKK, S. Marpaung S.H, Chairman of DPC Simalungun Suriyadi, Secretary Drs. M. Arifin, M.M, Treasurer Fahrizal S.E, and the administrators and all members of the DPC in Simalungun district.

Joko Imawan in his direction was very proud and congratulated the Simalungun Regency DPC’s Management.

“We who were present at the coordination meeting representing the entire DPD of North Sumatra would like to thank all the administrators of the DPC PWRI Simalungun for their joint struggle so that a journalistic organization can be formed which we hope to become professional,” said the Secretary of the North Sumatra DPD.”

Dr. Masdar Limbong, M.Pd in ​​his direction, PWRI must be able to become an organization that can truly become an organization of all journalists who are members of the organization that can produce professional journalists, especially in North Sumatra.

“Let’s together maintain the dignity of the Organization according to the Rice and Cotton symbol which means the rice clump that raises the spirit of concern,” said the PWRI’s Chairman of the North Sumatra.

Suriadi as the organizer of the coordination meeting in his direction, was very grateful to the Chairperson of the North Sumatra PWRI and the entourage who had fulfilled our invitation and were present in front of the entire Simalungun Regency PWRI management.

“I represent the entire DPC PWRI Simalungun Regency, thank you very much to the Chairperson of the PWRI and rombongon, hopefully what has been conveyed at the question and answer event from all members of the Simalungun PWRI will be valuable input and experience,” added the Chairman of the Simalungun.