Thoroughly Discuss Boxing: Definition, History, Rules, Types to Basic Boxing Techniques

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Boxing is a physically and mentally rewarding sport. It requires dedication, hard practice and concentration.

Boxing is a sport that uses the hands to hit the opponent while trying to avoid the opponent’s attack. Boxing is divided into 2 categories, namely contest boxing and amateur boxing. These two categories have different rules.

Contest boxing is carried out in rings of varying sizes depending on the class. The boxing classes are as follows: flyweight (48-52 kg), bantamweight (53-57 kg), featherweight (58-62 kg), lightweight (63-67 kg), welterweight (68-73 kg) , middleweight (74- 79 kg), light heavyweight (80-85 kg), cruiserweight (> 85kg). There is also a super heavyweight class (> 91kg) but it is rarely used.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport that relies on hand strength and skill to hit opponents with fists. This sport has been around for a long time, and has gained worldwide popularity.

Boxing is also known as one of the most dynamic and exciting sports to watch, as every fight often ends in victory or loss in just a few seconds.

History of Boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport and has been around for centuries. This sport began with battles between humans in ancient times. Boxing is also considered one of the fairest sports, because it only relies on the physical and mental strength of the fighters.

In its history, boxing has had many changes. The first fights were fought with bare hands, but over time, fighters began to use gloves to protect their hands from the opponent’s pockets.

After that, boxing began to be regulated officially and became part of the Olympics in the 6th century BC. In this modern era, boxing still has many fans and continues to grow rapidly every year.

Types of Boxing

Boxing is a sport that relies on hand and arm strength to hit opponents. This strength is generated from the movements of the legs and stomach that are carried out together. Boxing is divided into several types, based on the technique and style used.

Types of boxing include:
1. Classic Boxing
Classic boxing is the most commonly known form of boxing. In classic boxing, the hitter should stand straight with their feet parallel. His right hand is used to hit, while his left hand is used to protect the face or chest.

2. Semi-Contact Fist
Semi-contact boxing is closer to classic boxing, except that the players shouldn’t hit their opponents too hard. If one of the players has been hit by a hard attack.

Basic Boxing Techniques

Boxing is a sport that relies on hand strength and speed. Basic boxing techniques are very important to learn so beginners can understand how to do the moves correctly.

The following are some basic boxing techniques that you need to know:

1. Jab
The jab is a simple attack that is performed by kicking your right hand forward. This is the technique most often used in boxing and is very effective for attacking enemies quickly and suddenly.

2. Cross
Cross is an attack made with your left hand. This is usually used after a jab so the enemy can’t counterattack as easily. Cross is also very effective for immobilizing your opponent if you manage to hit the target correctly.

A hook is an attack that is done by curling your hand in a boxing style. This is usually used to attack the enemy’s flank or to direct the opponent in the wrong direction. Hooks can also be used to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

4. Uppercut
An uppercut is an attack performed by raising your arm up in a boxing style. This is usually used to attack your opponent when they are attacking you. The uppercut can also be used to immobilize your opponent if you hit the target properly.

5. Blocks
Block is a technique used to block an opponent’s attack. You can block by holding your opponent’s hand before they attack you or by placing your hand in front of your face to protect yourself from attack.

Duck is a technique used to avoid opponent’s attacks. You can do this by bending your body so that your opponent’s attack passes you or by moving sideways to avoid the attack.

Those are some basic boxing techniques that you need to know. Study well so you can master this technique and become a strong and skilled boxer.