Mobile Legend Hero: Dyrroth Collector (Naraka Flame) New Skin Review

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Moonton will again release the newest skin collector in January 2023. This time the skin collectors present will be given to the hero Dyrroth.

Recently, Moonton leaked the latest skin collector on the Advance Server. The newly released skin collector on the advance server is called Naraka Flame for the dyrroth hero.

The skin collector Naraka Flame made by Moonton is back with the theme of Japanese Mythology. Which is similar to the skin legend Franco that will be present, taking an almost similar theme, namely the King of Hell. With a purple basic attack effect, as if similar to the skin legends Franco and Hayabusa 11.11.

First Skill : Dyrroth Collector (Naraka Flame)

For the given skill 1 effect, it looks unsatisfactory. Because the effect is similar to skill 1 on normal skin, which is only a different color.

Second Skill : Dyrroth Collector (Naraka Flame)

For the effect of skill 2, it seems that Dyrroth hits another hero with a red gear with a purplish gold effect. This effect adds to the expensive and luxurious feel of this skin.

Third Skill : Dyrroth Collector (Naraka Flame)

What’s interesting about this skin is the effect of skill 3 or its ultimate. In skill 3, Dyrroth will issue a purple monster hand from behind his body. Then from the front of his body he will again issue a red gear that will attack the enemy hero.

Overall, this skin collector is suitable for Mobile Legends players, especially Dyrroth hero users.