YARA Subpoena Acting Mayor of Lhokseumawe To Open The Pusong Reservoir Access Road Cover

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Lhokseumawe – YARA Lhokseumawe Representative Head, Ibnu Sina, sent a subpoena to the Acting Mayor of Lhokseumawe, Imran. This subpoena is related to the actions of the Lhokseumawe City Government which installed portals and closed community road access to the Pusong Reservoir some time ago and this action has made it difficult and detrimental to the community and traders and cage farmers in the Pusong Reservoir. (02/3/23).

“That in relation to the Act of Pj Walkot who blocked or closed access to the entrance by installing an iron portal to the Pusong Reservoir location, it has harmed the people who make a living around the Reservoir location.
That the act of installing the portal has also made it difficult for the public to access the reservoir,” explained Ibnu

Ibnu also highlighted that the actions of the Lhokseumawe City Government were also not in accordance with the environmental documents of the Pusong Reservoir Reservoir, which since the construction of the reservoir had been expected to have an impact on business fields on the people of Lhokseumawe City, especially the people around the reservoir, and the benchmark for an important impact on business fields was the type of livelihood. which is a source of income for the local people. In addition, the Mayor’s actions are also not in accordance with Law 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation and Perkap 10 of 2012 concerning traffic rules and other circumstances.

“Pemko’s action to close road access to the reservoir is not in accordance with the objectives of building the reservoir in accordance with its environmental permits (AMDAL, RPL and RKL) and not Law Number 22 of 2009, and Republic of Indonesia Police Regulation Number 10 of 2012”. Added Ibn.

YARA gave the Pemko time to dismantle the portal until tomorrow 3/3/2023, at 09.00, if until that time is also not heeded then legal action will be taken.

“For this reason, we hereby ask the Acting Mayor of Lhokseumawe to reopen the iron portal that was installed at the entrance to the Pusong Reservoir so that it is opened immediately no later than March 3, 2023, at 09.00 WIB, and if it arrives at that time the portal has not If it is opened, we will take legal action against your brother’s actions,” concluded Ibnu in a letter of subpoena copied to the Chief of Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Head of the Court and the Dandim of Lhokseumawe. (Fadly P.B)

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