Israeli Media: Iran Is Behind The “Technion Attack”

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Israeli media revealed, on Tuesday, that the cyber attack that took place weeks ago on the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa was behind Iranian intelligence.

The Hebrew channel “12” quoted the National Cybersecurity System and the Technion Institute in Israel, assuring that the attack on the institute last February “was behind it hackers affiliated directly with Iranian intelligence.”

According to the channel, the hacker group is called “Muddy Water”.

In the past, cyber attacks carried out by the same group were recorded on Asian, African and North American countries.

The channel said that the Israeli national cybersecurity system called on institutions to strengthen the level of electronic protection.

According to people familiar with the investigation of the latest attack, the hackers managed to steal important academic information, and demanded 80 bitcoins in order to return it.

The value of this request was estimated at about $1.75 million, and the threat was that if the amount was not paid within 48 hours, the ransom value would rise by 30 percent.