The Best Manhwa Recommendations to Accompany Your Ramadhan

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Manhwa, comics originating from South Korea, are gaining popularity all over the world with their interesting stories and beautiful illustrations. From action to romance, manhwa spans a wide variety of genres to appeal to readers of all ages.

Here are some of the best manhwa recommendations you can read!

1. Solo Leveling


Solo Leveling is a popular action and fantasy manhwa. This manhwa follows the adventures of the main character named Sung Jin-woo in a world full of monsters and other supernatural creatures. This story has an interesting plot and beautiful illustrations.

2. True Beauty


True Beauty is a romantic manhwa that follows the life of a high school student named Lim Ju-kyung. She decided to study makeup after being bullied because of her appearance. However, when she meets a handsome classmate named Lee Su-ho, she begins to think that looks aren’t everything.

3. Lookims


Lookism is a manhwa about a high school student named Park Hyung-suk who gets bullied because of his looks. However, when he suddenly gains the ability to transmigrate into another person’s body, he begins to see life from a different perspective. This story has a strong message about friendship and courage.

Those are some of the best manhwa recommendations that you can read. From action to romance, manhwa offers an interesting variety of genres suitable for readers of all ages. Happy reading!