Along the Patte Lubuk Botik River Tour, Sungai Kanan Flow

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Travel – Patte Lubuk Botik Tourism is one of the popular river tours in the Sungai Kanan sub-district, South Labuhanbatu Regency, North Sumatra. As the name implies, the name of this river means Lubuk Papaya.

According to agricultural records, the widest rice fields in South Labuhanbatu Regency are in Sampean Village.

There are two rivers in Sampean village, the first is a river that flows from the Parimburan area, and the second flows from Patihe Hill through Marsonja village until these 2 rivers meet at Aek Godang and make it into the Kanan River.

Patte Lubuk Botik is used by the community as a collection point for agriculture around the river and also as a public bathing place for the local community.

Behind the beautiful scenery, Patte Lubuk Botik is also known for mysticism, no people bathe in this river when the maghrib call to prayer is heard. It is said that there used to be a person who bathed in the river after the maghrib call to prayer but his whereabouts were unknown, meaning he was lost under a supernatural being.

BTW, this river is close to the Sampean village highway, you know…

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