“John Wick: Chapter 4” Topped The Us Box Office

“John Wick: Chapter Four,” the sequel to the popular action series starring Keanu Reeves, topped the North American box office with $73.5 million in its first week, according to distribution companies.

The Lionsgate movie, which starred Reeves as the reluctant killer John Wick, surpassed all expectations and previous opening weekends for an R-rated movie. Since its debut in 2014 with John Wick, which grossed $14 million in its opening weekend), the series directed by Chad Stalski has grown steadily with each new installment. The second part in 2017 achieved 30.4 million dollars, and the third part, “Parabellum”, appeared in 2019, achieving 56.8 million dollars.

But Chapter 4, which runs two hours and 49 minutes and cost no less than $100 million to produce, is the biggest movie to date in the mini-action series. The movie has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film, which attracted 69% of its male viewers, added $64 million overseas. And it’s Lionsgate’s biggest success in the post-pandemic era.

But the success of “John Wick: Chapter 4” adds a solid start to Hollywood in 2023. After ticket sales rebounded to about 67% of pre-pandemic levels last year, new movies are steadier and grittier this year. Part films led the way, including “Creed 3” and “Scream 6.” Ticket sales are up 28% from a year ago, according to data firm comScore.

But there were some exceptions. After a disappointing debut in its first week, bringing in 30.5 million dollars last week, the sequel to the superhero Shazam, “Fury of Gods,” fell to second place, grossing 9.7 million dollars in its second weekend. Revenues for the Warner Bros. released movie have fallen sharply, down 68% since its release.

“Scream 6” finished in third place, grossing $8.4 million in its third weekend, bringing its total to date to $90.4 million domestically and $139.3 million worldwide. It was followed by “Creed 3” in fourth place, with $8.4 million. The third part of the Michael B. Jordan series has reached $140.9 million domestically.