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Game Review – 5.5 Year Anniversary Event Introductions!]
・Daily Achievement Rewards Doubled!
・Shinobi/Ninja Tool Enhancement Support!
・Shinobite Cost to Expand Ninja Card and Ninja Tool Inventory Halved!
・Reduced Attack Mission BP Recovery Time!
・Acquire Secret Maps from the Shinobi Cultivation Mission Point Exchange!
And other campaigns and events are underway now!
[5.5 Year Anniversary! Mini Games Underway Now!]
[Ninja Card Quiz]
[Bowl Buster]
[NINJA VOLTAGE Secret Scrolls]
3 different Mini Games are here!
Each Mini Game can be played once a day!
Aim to get Shinobite and items by playing every day!
[5.5 Years! Treasure Hunting Campaign Part 1 Underway Now!]
To commemorate the 5.5 Year Anniversary, we’ve increased the number of hidden Gold Frog Cans and Silver Frog Cans!
By completing certain missions during the event period, you’ll be able to find the Gold Frog Can and Silver Frog Can treasures along with the usual drop rewards!

Download NXB NV 5.5 Year Anniversary Logo Png