After Registering as the Legislators of the DPRA, T M Isa Accompanying North Aceh Golkar Chairperson Registers the Bacalegs at the Local KIP

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North Aceh – T. Muhammad Isa Aziz, S.E along with the delegation directly led by the chairman of Golkar Aceh Utara Drs As Adi Secretary Hedra Supriadi S.E Treasurer H.Saifuddin and chairman of BAPILU Zulfikar Basyah S.E and the delegation delivered the North Aceh Golkar Bacaleg Files to take part in the People’s Party Competition in North Aceh election 2024,

T. Muhammad Isa Aziz SE as chairman of the Daily who was contacted by the media crew said, the North Aceh Golkar Party is ready to take part in the Democracy Party in 2024 with the first steps following the stages determined by the KPU, in this case the North Aceh Golkar Party has also prepared The Legislative Council is 100% with various electoral districts 1 to 6 with a different number of municipalities, “Thank God we in the Golkar party have also implemented it with 30 percent provisions for women with provisions for the rights of each party.

Regarding the target for North Aceh Golkar seats, with extra and solid work between the electoral districts in this election, we will have 7 seats in parliament with the addition of the 4 existing seats.

T. Muhammad Isa Aziz also previously delivered his files to the provincial KIP with DPD 1 Chairperson Teuku Muhammad Nurlif and his entourage, in this case TMuhammad Isa Aziz himself will advance as Bacaleg DPRA, with the target of Dapil 5 North Aceh lhoks3mawe 2 seats.

T. Muhammad Isa also expressed his gratitude to the North Aceh KIP who welcomed and received our files with a kind and friendly heart.