This Youth Social Warrior Figure Is Reportedly Forward as a Candidate for the DPRA Legislature

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Subulussalam – The figure of Edi Syahputra Bako is a figure that is not foreign to the eyes of the public. In particular, the Subulussalam government community is known as a hard worker, tenacious, polite, caring and easy to get along with various groups, both young and old in various circles, he is actively engaged in the social sector concerned about the conditions that occur in the community, concern for legal aid, education, religion, health, culture, and many more presence that can be felt by the community.

Edi Syahputra Bako, who is also the Chairman of Yara city of Subulussalam, on the occasion of the upcoming 2024 elections, he wants to appear to plunge into the political arena as a candidate for the DPRA electoral district in 9 aceh province representing 4 urban districts namely. Abdya, South Aceh, Subulussalam city, Aceh Singkil.

Previously, in the 2014 election, Edi Bako also participated in enlivening the elections which were taking place at that time. He ran as a candidate for the DPRA Dapil 9 Aceh province from the National Awakening Party (PKB), but Allah SWT had not wanted him ”

“Regarding this, it is undeniable that he has gained a lot of experience and will be a driving force for him to continue to strive to appear again in the 2024 elections from the PKB National Awakening Party from the Subussalam City Region.

“On the other hand, Edi Syahputra Bako is also known as a person who is polite, caring and humble, because of that Edi Syahputra Bako deserves to appear, and the public must be ready to take him to office as a member of the DPRA electoral district 9 aceh province in the upcoming 2024 elections which only just a few more months.

“Meanwhile, the name Edi Syahputra Bako reappeared as a legislative candidate for the DPRA Dapil 9 Aceh province, various public opinions were raised, in their opinion, Edi Syahputra Bako is a figure who deserves support to become a member of the DPRA electoral district 9 Aceh province as a representative of the abdya community, Aceh South, Aceh Singkil, Subulussalam city,

“It’s not unreasonable,” the figure of Edi Syahputra is an activist who always has a social spirit to the community, especially the Subulussalam municipal government, besides being known to be easy to get along with, he is also known for his concern for progress, especially in the Subulussalam municipal government.

Please pray for and support the community, electoral district 9 aceh province Edi Bako chairman Yara subulussalam city representing 4 districts Abdya city, South Aceh, Aceh Singkil, subussalam city. (Fadly P.B)

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