Feeling Wronged, The People Of Buket Cubrek Meunye VII Hamlet Return Their KTP And KK To The East Pirak Sub-District

North Aceh – The people of Buket Cubrek Hamlet, Meunye VII Village, Pirak Timur District, North Aceh Regency, Monday, January 5, Geruduk, the local sub-district office, returned the original identity cards (KTP) and family cards (KK), to the local sub-district head.

The people of Buket Cubrek Hamlet consider that they have been wronged by the Government of Gampong Meunye VII and the East Pirak Sub-District Head.

When interviewed by the media at the local sub-district office, M.Yunus said, “We felt wronged and unfair during the reign of Geuchik Syahrul Rizal and Pirak Timur sub-district head Zukhirullah, S.Sos, our hamlet was like an exile, like we didn’t have a rehabilitation house. while there are other hamlets, there are also no road improvements, there are also no street lights, street lights for example, our children go to recite the Koran in the neighboring hamlet when they return at night, the children are afraid because it’s dark,” he said.

He continued, Then the issue of Marriage Certificate or N/A was also complicated and slowed down, the land certificate or SKT was the same, and many more.

“Kamoe uroenyoe lage jeen eek u langet, U langet han troek, ubumo pih han troek, hanging like tendon-tendon (We today are like a genie rising to the sky, the sky does not reach the earth nor does it reach, hanging in the middle ), If it’s always like this, it’s better for us, the people of Dusun Bouquet Cubrek, to ask the government to expand or expand,” said M.Yunus.

As a form of disappointment, the community returned the original KTP and KK to the sub-district head, “We are disappointed with his leadership, we returned all the KTP and KK of the entire Buket Cubrek Hamlet community, while the KK and KTP were still at the sub-district office.

When surrounded by the community, Head of Pirak Timur Zukhirullah, S. Sos, was not in the office, the media crew tried to dig up information through the staff at the sub-district office, he said, “He has an event at the Regent’s office, and at 12 o’clock he wants to have a party at Krueng Gekueh, North Aceh,” he said.

Meanwhile, the people of Dusun Buket Cubrek immediately went to see the Samsul Bahri Camat Secretary, when he was found he also called the Camat, when connected he said, “Tomorrow I’m going to the village, so don’t return your KTP and KK to us tomorrow, we’ll straighten it out, suddenly another phone comes in, right off the phone right away. with residents, yes, it seems more concerned with other phones than the problems of the community, said one resident.

Monitoring the media, the community also carried posters that read, “The people of Duson Buket Cubrek were wronged by the village administration of Meunye VII, East Pirak sub-district closed their eyes,” the people of Duson Buket Cubrek Meunye VII, Pirak Timur sub-district, were disappointed with the sub-district head, the community also attached a piece of paper that read “Sealed” in the Camat room. (Fadly P.B)