Prof. Nurhayati Must Be Able To Create “There Will Be No More Problems in the Future”

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According to the system being implemented, Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Ag, who was appointed Chancellor of UINSU a few days ago for the 2023-2027 period, must be declared the best figure among the candidates “fighting for” the position. There are people who disagree or even protest against the current system, that’s another matter.

People must be able to think fair. Of course there is nothing wrong with creating a serious national-scale forum to discuss what is seen as the unsavory nature of the existing system. But now, accept it, the mandate holder is present at UINSU and it is hoped that with his legitimacy he can carry out the mandate as well as possible.

I remember when the selection process was taking place the other day, I accidentally met a professor from UINSU who said that an informal forum of professors on campus had agreed that the next chancellor should drop out. I firmly refused and asked that if possible a similar forum be held again or even on a larger scale. Give me a chance to speak in that forum. I do not agree that there is a pejorative tone that demeans “academicians who choose home bases on campuses with regional areas” and at the same time rejects the impression of undermining their integrity.

The problem of integrity is rooted in the center of power, due to the fact that branches of power everywhere at the end of the world are only forced to adapt themselves to imperative dictates that leave no option but rigid monoloyalty. How big is the destruction of academic morale, inefficiency, disorientation and other deviations from such a tragedy, the academic community needs deep contemplation. Even though the informal forum of professors that I asked for never happened, I felt that I had conveyed critical thinking to the community through one of the participants.

It was not wrong from the first second to occupy the chancellor’s chair in a special room on the UINSU campus, Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Ag, set his goal to lead for two terms. Also upholding an escalative obsession to a higher level of office, for example the Minister of Religion. However, his determination to provide the best evidence for realizing the ideals of establishing a state-owned Islamic religious university that has historical ties to the people’s revolutionary struggle in founding Indonesia, must subordinate any factor, including motives for staying in power and his promotion.

Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Ag is not new to UINSU. I know her late husband Prof. Dr. Nur Ahmad Fadhil Lubis, MA, former UINSU chancellor, and also know Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Ag through several previous academic activities. Therefore, I am sure that he will know what to extract from the unfinished work of his predecessor, Prof. Dr. H Syahrin Harahap, MA, and will electively determine which ones to continue.

What should he catch from big ideas that live in the obsession of the internal academic community (UINSU), technical guidance from the Ministry of Religion as a state representative, and of course the great echoes of global demands as often shouted with the phrase world class university which is very often too misunderstood it. Critically reading all the vision, mission and work agenda documents submitted by competitors is very necessary for Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Ag.

The first week is probably the most urgent. Requesting alternate meetings with the flexibility to discuss with all potential chancellors. It is known that some of the candidates have their homebase outside UINSU. Use online facilities to pick up their ideas that are stated so seriously on paper that they become a “guarantee” for their participation in the contest. For example, I have not clarified that one of the chancellor candidates had once raised the idea of ​​adding an additional statement (behind the name of UINSU) with the name of someone from an old heroic figure in the history of Indonesian struggle to later become Si Singamangaraja Islamic University of North Sumatra.

In other cities it is common like that. It sounds controversial, but I’m sure the professor who said it certainly has strong data not to get bogged down in prolonged polemics with various parties. Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Ag must ensure that everything is closely related to the performance of mardhatillah and the big agenda of izzul Islam wal muslimin. Because of that he also has to repeatedly think about anything to arrive at a more beneficial decision among difficult options in the jungle of framed influences of the Indonesian system which is currently anomaly. Obviously he needs independence.

No one can be happy if he has to be paralyzed by imperative dictates from anywhere outside, let alone from the fragile bridges of situational politics plus partisans who usually tend to have the potential to give birth to very abusive performances. Watch out for them. “Borrow” the courage of the World’s First Muslimah Admiral Malahayati in diplomacy with them. Maybe Tjut Njak Dhien’s guerrilla tactics are so relevant in reference to the situation that Prof Dr Nurhayati, M.Ag will surely face soon.


By: Dr. Shohibul Ansor Siregar