Actively Responds by Sending a Father and His Child for Medical Treatment in a Pedicab to RSUZA via Travel from Meulaboh

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Subulussalam – The story of Rahmadi and his wife Raimah, who took their child to Banda Aceh for medical treatment by riding a pedicab, has gained attention from the public.

Due to their limited financial means, Rahmadi, who works as a farmer, could only reach Meulaboh as the pedicab he was riding repeatedly broke down along the way. As a result, the hope of Ananda M. Rasid to receive treatment at RSUZA in Banda Aceh was still on hold.

Showing concern for the condition of 7-year-old M. Rasid, who suffers from a tumor and is a resident of Belukur Makmur, Rundeng Subdistrict, Subulussalam City, the Regional Board of the National Committee of Indonesian Youth (KNPI) of Subulussalam, led by Chairman Edi Sahputra Bako, responded promptly. After receiving the distressing information about Ananda M. Rasid from a student friend in Subulussalam and their relatives who contacted us to express their parents’ financial difficulties in bringing their child for treatment, we felt compelled to gather donations from within the internal members of KNPI Subulussalam. We also received donation responses from several generous individuals outside the organization. After collecting several donations, we immediately contacted their relative, Samidun Barat, who accompanied them on their journey to have their broken pedicab taken to a workshop for repairs. They continued their journey to RSUZA in Banda Aceh via travel service.

We have already sent the transportation funds, and they have booked a travel car in Meulaboh to continue their journey to Banda Aceh, scheduled to depart after Maghrib. In Banda Aceh, we have coordinated with Kak Ratna Eliza from C-Four Banda Aceh to provide accommodation for them during their treatment. Throughout their treatment process at RSUZA, we will accompany and assist them together with C-Four Banda Aceh. (Fadly P.B)