Saudi Ambassador in Washington: Committed to Organizing the Best Edition of “Riyadh Expo 2023” in History… and Special Visa for Attendance

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Warta Indonesia – Princess Reema bint Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, stated that the Kingdom is committed to organizing the best edition of the “Expo” conference and exhibition in its history in 2030, while also announcing the provision of a special visa for attendance.

During a presentation on Riyadh’s hosting bid for Expo 2030 to countries around the world, organized by the International Bureau of Exhibitions, the Saudi ambassador said, “Riyadh is an exceptional global tourist destination and will be ready to host Expo 2030.”

She continued, “A special visa will be provided for attending Expo Riyadh 2030.”

Princess Reema bint Bandar added, “Expo Riyadh 2030 will focus on communication and inclusivity with all cultures.”

She emphasized that “every visitor will be welcomed in the Kingdom, and they will be virtual visitors at Expo Riyadh 2030,” while adding, “Our people are hospitable, and hospitality is part of our heritage. We look forward to hosting you.”