45 Hectares Of Struggle Land In Sei Rotan Village, Are Crowded With Residential Areas And Public Facilities

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Deli Serdang, Indonesia – 45 hectares of struggle land in Sei Rotan Village, Percut Sei Tuan Subdistrict, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra Province, are crowded with residential areas and public facilities.

According to observations by our media team on June 21st, the land has been occupied by residential houses, particularly in Hamlet XII of Sei Rotan Village.

The area also includes public facilities such as a football field and other sports fields.

In addition, there is a large public cemetery (TPU) covering an estimated 2 hectares and housing for the less fortunate.

There is also an orphanage foundation, a Madrasah (Islamic school), SMPN 8 Percut Sei Tuan, shopping centers, and many other public facilities on the land.

Furthermore, there is a COVID-19 burial site covering 2 hectares, as well as a place of worship or mosque.

It is worth noting that a talented individual, Dapit Maulana, who was born in Hamlet XII, became a part of the national under-16 football team and there is also a pesantren (Islamic boarding school) in the area.

Shouldn’t this be supported and protected?

Several members of the community who were interviewed expressed their gratitude. They stated that as less fortunate members of the community, they greatly benefit from the managed and cultivated struggle land under the management of the local farming group (Poktan) in this hamlet.

“We are grateful for the cooperation of the residents of Hamlet XII. As less fortunate community members who used to rent houses, with the presence of the struggle land managed by the farming group, we are now able to build our own houses,” said some residents.

Similarly, the Chairman of the community farming group, Sutrisno (43), stated that this land was previously non-functional and unproductive when it was managed by PTPN 2 (state-owned plantation company). Therefore, they agreed to take over its management.

“A while ago, there was a disturbance allegedly caused by the order of PTPN, which resulted in the destruction of one of the residents’ houses and led to conflicts with the community,” explained the Chairman of the farming group.

Sutris added that the incident of unrest that occurred on Friday, June 16th, was reported to the authorities by the residents. (Tim/Red)