DO EXO’s Film “The Moon” Makes Global Impact with Sales in 155 Countries

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Warta Indonesia – DO EXO’s highly anticipated film “The Moon” is creating waves worldwide as it secures distribution in 155 countries, including prominent markets in Asia. The movie has garnered significant attention for its captivating storyline and DO EXO’s remarkable acting skills. Renowned director Kim Yong Hwa has commended DO EXO’s performance, igniting the excitement of fans across the globe.

Scheduled for release in Korea on (2/8), “The Moon” is poised to make a lasting impression domestically before expanding its reach to international audiences. Notably, the film features an intense face-off between DO EXO and Sol Kyung Gu, the husband of Song Yoon A.

“The Moon” has already achieved a remarkable milestone by selling out in 155 countries, encompassing regions such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, and Thailand. Director Kim Yong Hwa has undoubtedly left an indelible mark with this cinematic masterpiece, setting unprecedented sales records globally.

The movie follows the gripping narrative of Seon Woo (played by DO EXO), an astronaut stranded on the moon due to an unfortunate accident, and Jae Guk (portrayed by Sol Kyung Gu), the former head of the space center who valiantly endeavors to rescue him. The film showcases their desperate struggle in a visually stunning and emotionally charged manner.

Amidst the success of “The Moon,” the overseas distribution representative highlighted the growing appeal of Korean content in international markets. The film’s quality has instilled confidence and high expectations among global audiences, solidifying the reputation of Korean productions.

As “The Moon” prepares to captivate audiences both at home and abroad, it is clear that DO EXO’s acting prowess and the film’s compelling storyline will leave an indelible mark on the global film industry.