Allegedly Reckless Official Car Of Assistant I Gayo Lues Hit Terangun Residents

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Gayo Lues – Assistant I Setdakab Gayo Lues official car with BL 8 B driven by Assistant I H. Muslim Ismail who was allegedly reckless until he hit a resident of Bukut Village, Terangun District, Gayo Lues district.

Anwar as a (victim) Yamaha Vixion motorbike rider with BL 4443 B, the incident occurred, on Sunday 9 July 2023, which was reported in several online and print media, with different information on the facts, which was allegedly deliberately given by an assistant I Setdakab Gayo Lues.

Even though in this incident there were no casualties, it’s just that the victim’s family felt very disappointed about the incident, because the official car that was allegedly driven directly by Assistant I to the Gayo Lues regional secretary, who seemed reckless and gave incorrect information, that The service car was driven by the driver.

According to information obtained from the victim’s family and eyewitnesses at the TKP, the Galus regional secretary’s assistant I assistant car was traveling at high speed from the direction of Blangkejeren towards Abdya. the official’s car will have an accident, caused to go at high speed.

“Soon after hearing the news that there had been a collision with a resident in Bukut village, and after being found out it turned out that what was reckless just passing by was the official car of the assistant I secretary of the Gayo Lues district secretary.” The light of a resident in the Keude Trangun area whose name was asked not to be mentioned in this media.

Meanwhile, the Abu Bakar Victim’s Family (42) When asked for a response regarding the incident that befell the Anwar victim’s family, said that there was no goodwill from Mr. Secretary of Regional Secretary Galus, until now it has been 4 days since the event in question occurred, there has been no sight of him visiting our younger brother who was struck by the accident with person number 4 at the Secretary of Regional Secretary of Gayo Lues,” explained Abu Bakar in a disappointed tone.

he added, Assistant I of the Regional Secretariat of Gayo Lues should have set a good example for the people in Gayo Lues district, when an event or disaster occurs that is not wanted by both of them, it is necessary to respect each other, care for each other, such as the incident is currently affecting his family.

It takes care from Mr. Assistant I, to visit his younger brother who is in an accident due to a collision with him. but Mr. Assistant I, it was suspected that the facts gave a statement that he was not the one who was driving the service car. What is the meaning and purpose of all that?” asked Abu Bakar

According to him, from the beginning of the incident, there were already problems, when he asked where were the system going, sir, how come on Sunday he was using the service car to go to Abdya, he said he wanted to pick up the pilgrims to Banda Aceh, when asked about the assistant’s SPT/SPJ letter at that time , denotes an empty unfilled Fom, on it.

Head of the Galus Police AKBP Setiyawan Eko Prasetya, SIK through the Head of the Then Iptu Syafaruddin told this media, Wednesday (12/7/2023) said that the traffic accident incident was being investigated and was collecting authentic evidence, since there was confusion regarding the driver of the service car. .

And earlier the party then Gayo Lues also conducted a crime scene investigation, asking for information from a number of eyewitnesses at the scene.” explained Iptu Syafaruddin

“As previously reported by several online media, when journalists confirmed via cellphone, Assistant I of Regional Secretariat Gayo Lues H. Ismail Ismail explained, when the disaster occurred, he admitted that he planned to pick up pilgrims from Gayo Lues to Banda Aceh with his entourage and coincidentally The group from the Islamic Sharia Service, the Office of Religious Affairs, the Health Service had already left overnight, because tonight, Sunday 9 July 2023, pilgrims from Gayo Lues will land at Blang Bintang Airport, we departed early from Blangkejen via the Abdya route.

At around 08.20 WIB there was a collision in Bukut Village,” explained Muslim Ismail.

The accident also made residents curious and even many local residents came to the location to see first hand the condition of the accident so that residents flocked to the main road at that time.

Until this news was released, the media crew had not been able to connect with Assistant I of the Regional Secretariat of Gayo Lues. (King)