Head of Hadundung Village Activates Community Work as a Routine Activity

Pai News – The Acting Head of Hadundung Village, located in the Kotapinang District of Labuhanbatu Selatan Regency, along with the Chairman of the Village Consultative Board (LPM) Hadundung, Maradolok Siregar, have reactivated the community work (gotong royong) activities as a routine practice every Friday.

Fifin Hidayat, the Acting Head of Hadundung Village, gave a statement during an interview with Tribune Sumut media on Wednesday, August 1, 2023, at the Hadundung Village Office. He stated, “The community and I, along with the LPM Chairman, have agreed to reactivate the community work activities as a routine practice. This is to preserve the environment and maintain social bonds in order to create harmony among the people of Hadundung Village.”

The people of Hadundung Village were seen enthusiastic about welcoming this community work program. Sabah Siregar, a resident of Hadundung Village, expressed his opinion during an interview with Tribune Sumut media, saying, “Activities like these should never be neglected because they have a positive impact on all of us.”

On the same day, the Chairman of LPM Hadundung, Maradolok Siregar, also stated that the local government, especially the Acting Head of the Village and other village officials, are willing to facilitate the community work activities to achieve a prosperous community in Hadundung Village.

From the documentation snippet provided by Mr. Sihombing, a police officer serving as the Babinkamtibmas (community policing) officer in Hadundung Village, it is evident that he participated in overseeing the progress of the activities.

From all the statements provided by the sources above, it is evident that the Acting Head of Hadundung Village is contributing positively to the community through these activities. This initiative can also serve as a reference for other villages, especially in the Labuhanbatu Selatan Regency.