Warning of ‘Killer Current’: Important Alert from Egyptian Meteorological Authority

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Warta Indoesia En.ver – During summer vacations, many Egyptians seek to spend days with their families near the beaches to escape the heat. Beachgoers often prefer calm sandy shores where they can enjoy swimming. However, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has issued a warning about what they call the “killer current.”

The authority clarified that this current occurs on sandy beaches and originates from depths as shallow as a meter. It is swift and capable of pulling anyone into the sea.

Iman Shaker, Director of the Remote Sensing Center at the Egyptian General Authority for Meteorology, explained that the killer current is dubbed the “unknown killer” because it happens when the waves are calm. During such times, the area appears tranquil, and no one expects a current that can pull them into the sea.

Iman Shaker explained to “Sky News Arabia” the nature of the killer current:

The current is formed due to the occurrence of water currents on sandy beaches. As waves advance towards the shore and recede into the sea, they create what resembles sand channels or tunnels.
These tunnels see a very rapid flow of water, surpassing the speed of any swimmer in the area, carrying anything in their path. Similar to how floods sweep away everything in their path, here, a person swimming can be pulled into the sea by the killer current.

The Director of the Remote Sensing Center explained how to avoid the danger of the killer current when it occurs with the following steps:

When the killer current occurs, do not attempt to swim against it towards the shore.
It is better to swim with the current into the sea until the area where the current occurs ends.
After that, swim parallel to the shore away from the area of the killer current. This way, you can avoid its ability to swiftly pull you back into the depths of the sea.
Then head back to the shore in an area far from where the killer current occurred.

Regarding how to identify the area where the current occurs, Iman Shaker pointed out:

The area where the killer current occurs usually has calm waves.
The water may appear darker than its surroundings due to the carrying of sand from the beach.
There might be dense fish populations around areas where the killer current occurs.