Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage 2023 Event Update – All-Out Mission No. 28!

Warta Indonesia En. Ver – In the latest All-Out Mission, the battlefield is set for intense showdowns! Each mission consists of two crucial segments: a fortress battle and an epic showdown against colossal bosses.

Every successful completion of either part contributes to the deployment count for the participating shinobi. Once they reach their deployment limit, they can’t be sent out again!

Strategically choose your shinobi for each stage by checking the Special Shinobi assigned to them. Your choices will determine the outcome of the mission, so plan wisely!

For additional information, consult the in-game announcements. Don’t miss out on the action – download now! >

[All-Out Mission Summon in Progress!]

Prepare for the ultimate summons! Our Step-Up Summon is exclusively featuring Ninja Cards for the All-Out Mission’s Special Shinobi. This time, all Ninjutsu and Ultimate Jutsu Ninja Cards in this summon drop at max Jutsu LVL!

Furthermore, the All-Out Mission Ticket Summon is now accessible. Utilize your [September] All-Out Mission Summoning Tickets to take part. An exciting Summon Medal Exchange has also been introduced.

For more details, refer to the in-game announcements. Gear up for the challenge and download now! >

Event Period: August 31, 2023, to September 11, 2023

All-Out Mission No. 28 Shinobi Info

Stage 1 & 3: Attack Type (Red Type)

Stage 2 & 4: Assist Type (Blue Type)

Stage 5 & 6:
1. Deidara (Red Type)
2. Tsunade Great Ninja War (Red Type)
3. Gaara V1 (Yellow Type)
4. Uchiha Sasuke Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan (Yellow Type)
5. Uchiha Sasuke Shadow (Yellow Type)
6. Shikamaru Hokage Assistant 7th Hokage (Yellow Type)
7. Hiruzen Sarutobi (Blue Type)
8. Kakashi Double Sharingan (Blue Type)
9. Hinata Summer Break (Blue Type)
10. Uchiha Itachi Anbu (Blue Type)
11. Ohnoki (Green Type)
12. Uchiha Obito (Green Type)
13. Naruto Kurama Link Mode (Green Type)
14. Momoshiki (Purple Type)
15. Uchiha Itachi Reanimation (Purple Type)
16. Minato Kurama Link Mode (Purple Type)
17. Naruto Light (Purple Type)

Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling event!