Naruto Uzumaki Kurama Link Mode (KLM) New Kit Jutsu Review: NXB-NV Newes Update 2023

Warta Indonesia En. Ver – Kurama Link Mode, also known as KLM, is a transformation that Naruto Uzumaki undergoes in the Naruto series by forming a unique bond with the Nine-Tails (Kurama), and it’s an essential element in Naruto’s character development. Here’s a detailed review of this significant transformation:

Visual Design (5/5): Kurama Link Mode is visually striking and iconic. Naruto’s appearance undergoes a radical transformation as he takes on a chakra-infused, fox-like form. His bright, fiery chakra cloaks him, with vivid orange markings covering his body. The combination of the Nine-Tails’ design and Naruto’s own characteristics creates a visually stunning and memorable look.

Power and Abilities (4.5/5): In this form, Naruto’s powers are significantly enhanced. He gains access to immense chakra reserves, heightened speed, and enhanced physical strength. His combat abilities are further amplified, allowing him to use advanced techniques, such as the Tailed Beast Ball, with greater precision and destructive force. The chakra arms, a defining feature of KLM, provide Naruto with unparalleled versatility in combat, enabling him to multitask and wield multiple weapons or attacks simultaneously.

Character Development (5/5): Kurama Link Mode represents a pivotal moment in Naruto’s character journey. It symbolizes the culmination of his long and challenging relationship with Kurama, the Nine-Tails. Naruto’s ability to establish trust and cooperation with the beast is a testament to his growth as a character. KLM also showcases Naruto’s unyielding determination and his unwavering commitment to protecting his loved ones and the village. It’s a testament to the theme of perseverance that runs throughout the series.

Impact on the Story (4.5/5): Kurama Link Mode plays a crucial role in several critical battles and plot developments throughout the Naruto series. It’s a game-changer during confrontations with formidable foes like Obito and Kaguya. The transformation also adds depth to Naruto’s character arc, as he learns to harness Kurama’s power for the greater good, not just for personal strength.

Legacy (5/5): KLM is an iconic aspect of the Naruto series and remains a defining image of Naruto as a character. It has left a lasting impact on the franchise’s lore, and the transformation continues to be celebrated by fans through various media, including games, merchandise, and adaptations.

Overall (4.8/5): Kurama Link Mode is a powerful and visually captivating transformation that holds significant narrative and emotional weight in the Naruto series. It serves as a symbol of Naruto’s growth, determination, and unwavering resolve to protect those he loves. It has left a lasting legacy within the world of anime and continues to be a beloved aspect of Naruto’s character.

Naruto Uzumaki Kurama Link Mode (KLM) New Kit Jutsu

Featuring new Ninja Cards for Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama Link Mode) and Minato Namikaze (Reanimation Kurama Link Mode), who serve as Special Shinobi in the Roundup Mission and Surprise Attack Mission!

The Summon Medal D Exchange and Conquest Chronicles Ticket Summon have also been added!!

New EX Ultimate Jutsu Ninja Cards drop at Jutsu LVL 5!

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Ninjutsu “Tailed Beast Bomb: Twin Strike”

Deals damage, inflicting enemies with confusion, slowed movement, and damage over time, reduces how long enemies can be invincible by 3 seconds, greatly decreases their CP when user is a defense shinobi, and sets off traps!

Also increases the attack of allies on the same floor, restores their CP for a set period of time, makes them invincible for a set period of time, and makes the user immune to status effects for a set period of time!

Use Tailed Beast Bombs to break through enemy lines!

Ninjutsu “Tailed Beast Bomb: Flaming Descent”

Deals damage to enemies, decreasing their Lunge, Annihilation, Release, Manipulate, and Impact resistances and negating their stat increases!

Also increases the movement speed of allies on the same floor, increases their EX Release and EX Impact resistances, makes them invincible for a set period of time, recovers their HP in proportion to their max HP, decreases their Ninjutsu cool down times for a set period of time, increases the user’s defense, and detects traps!

Scorch the earth with a deluge of Tailed Beast Bombs!

EX Ultimate Jutsu “Sage Art: Giant Rasengan Strike: Sudden Lightning”

Deals massive damage, inflicting enemies with confusion and slowed movement, and decreasing their defense!

Increases the attack of allies on the same floor, increases their Normal, Lunge, Annihilation, Release, Manipulate, and Impact resistances, and restores their CP by a massive amount!

At Jutsu LVL 15, Ninjutsu cool down times are ignored for a set period of time!


Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama Link Mode) Gameplay Video

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