After The Iphone 12 Radiation Problem, How Do You Know The Radiation Level Of Your Phone?

Warta Indonesia En. Ver – The issue of “radiation” emitted by smartphones has once again come into the spotlight, following France’s decision to ban the sale of iPhone 12 due to it exceeding the maximum limits of electromagnetic waves emitted from it. Belgium has also subsequently announced its investigation into this matter.

According to French authorities, the radiation emitted by the iPhone 12 reached 5.74 watts per kilogram when in hand or pocket, which exceeds the European Union standard of 4 watts per kilogram. However, Apple’s official website states that the radiation level emitted by the iPhone 12 when near the head or body reaches a maximum of 1.17 watts per kilogram.

Communication engineer Issa Saad Eldin explains in an interview with “Sky News Arabic” that the debate over the risks of radiation emitted by smartphones has been ongoing for years. Scientists are still divided on the negative impact of these radiations on the human body and the extent of harm they may cause.

Saad Eldin reveals that the differences among scientists regarding the risks of phone radiation also reflect significant variations in the laws of countries that determine the acceptable radiation levels. There is no single standard agreed upon by all nations, as each party defines the appropriate level based on its own studies. He also points out that there are two criteria for measuring radiation: one related to the proximity of the phone to the head and the other to its proximity to the body.

Knowing your phone’s radiation level

Saad Eldin explains that the phone emits electromagnetic radiation, which is scientifically measured using a metric known as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). Smartphone users can find the SAR value of their phones in the user manual, usually listed after the “SAR” abbreviation.

Alternatively, this information can be found on the official website of the phone’s manufacturer. He emphasizes that the lower the SAR value, ideally less than 1 watt per kilogram, the better. Users can also search for their phone model on Google along with the term “SAR” to find this information.

Microwave waves entering the body of the phone user

Biomedical engineer Dr. Wassim Madlaj explains in an interview with “Sky News Arabic” that smartphones continuously emit electromagnetic waves in all directions to search for the nearest transmission tower.

A high percentage of these microwave waves enter the body of the phone user, and their absorption varies from person to person. The older a person is, the less their body absorbs these waves, and vice versa.

Tissue heating issue

According to Madlaj, the available scientific data does not provide conclusive evidence of the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health, except for the issue of “tissue heating.” When a phone is placed near the ear and used for an extended period, it can lead to a slight increase in brain temperature.

The body can generally handle this minor temperature increase and dissipate it. However, he warns that continuous and prolonged exposure to these radiations and tissue heating can potentially cause damage.

What is the established danger of phone usage?

Madlaj emphasizes that data studied by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shown no significant increase in brain and nervous system cancer over the past thirty years, despite the massive increase in phone usage during this period.

He points out that the confirmed medical risk associated with frequent phone usage is hand pain, finger inflammation, and negative effects on the eyes.