Arab Commentator Fares Awad Praises Cristiano Ronaldo’s Performance

Medan  Arab commentator Fares Awad praised Cristiano Ronaldo‘s performance after scoring a goal in yesterday’s match between Al Nassr and Al Raed. Awad last commented on a Ronaldo match in 2014 after the Blatter incident.

At the time, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick and Awad said:

“Blatter provoked him so he decided to punish everyone. The commander, the leader, the arm, the major general. He who attacks to defend Madrid’s army… A projectile of fire. Ronaldo hits and shakes all of Madrid.”

Awad returned as a commentator for a Cristiano Ronaldo match yesterday for the first time since 2014.

After CR7’s goal in the 78th minute, he said:

“All your goals are for them and for you, but this one is for me.

Did they tell you I was coming back, Cristiano? Are you welcoming me? Are you testing me, Cristiano?

I left and you did [scoring a lot]. You promised and you did.

The flamethrower is still down and the Madeira missile will go astray.

You will always be the King, Don Cristiano…

I left you, Cristiano, when you were punishing Blatter for provoking you, so who is provoking you now?”

Awad was referring to Ronaldo’s consistent performance despite his age.

In his commentary, Awad praised Ronaldo as “the King” and “Don Cristiano.” He also compared Ronaldo to a flaming projectile that can shake a match. Awad also said that Ronaldo is showing no signs of decline in performance despite being 38 years old.

Awad’s comments were met with praise from football fans around the world. Many praised Awad for his ability to describe Ronaldo’s performance in a poetic and passionate way.

Do you remember Fares Awad’s legendary commentary during the Blatter incident? At that time, Real Madrid won a landslide victory over Sevilla with a score of 7-3. Here is a clip of Fares Awad’s commentary when Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in that match.