Agency Provides Update on Lee Je Hoon’s Condition Following Ischemic Colitis Surgery

Warta Indonesia En. Ver – Lee Je Hoon was unable to attend the opening of the Busan International Film Festival on October 4 due to health reasons. According to reports, Lee Je Hoon informed the festival organizers about his situation and made the decision to step down as a host. On the same day, the Busan International Film Festival issued a statement, confirming that Lee Je Hoon would not be able to attend due to health issues.

Lee Je Hoon was originally scheduled to co-host the opening ceremony of the 28th Busan International Film Festival alongside actress Park Eun Bin on October 4.

In light of this unforeseen circumstance, the Busan International Film Festival has decided to take an unconventional approach. They announced, “Instead of selecting a new male host, we have opted for a unique format. Park Eun Bin will become the first solo female host at the opening of the Busan International Film Festival.”

The actor underwent emergency surgery for ischemic colitis on October 1 and is currently in the process of recovery. His agency, COMPANY ON, released a statement, saying, “Lee Je Hoon was admitted to the hospital on October 1 due to severe stomach pain. He was diagnosed with ischemic colitis, a condition caused by insufficient blood flow to a particular body tissue. Emergency surgery was performed on the same day.”

The agency further added, “Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Lee Je Hoon is presently recuperating in the hospital. While we will continue to monitor his recovery progress, it is expected that he will remain hospitalized for approximately one week.”

Due to his health condition, Lee Je Hoon has temporarily halted filming for the MBC drama “Investigator: The Beginning.” He will resume his work on the drama once he has fully recovered.

As a consequence of his medical situation, Lee Je Hoon will not be able to participate in the opening event of the ’28th Busan International Film Festival,’ which he was originally set to host alongside Park Eun Bin on October 4. Additionally, he will also be absent from the ‘2023 Buil Film Awards’ scheduled for October 5.