North Korea Claims Its Spy Satellite Can See the White House and US Nuclear Carriers

Warta Indonesia En. Ver – North Korea claimed on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, that its military spy satellite had successfully taken pictures of the White House, the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon), and a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier docked at a US naval base.

The claim was made by the North Korean government’s news agency, KCNA. According to KCNA, the photos were taken by the spy satellite that North Korea launched on November 21, 2023.

“Leader Kim Jong-un has reviewed the photos,” KCNA said. “He praised the success of the spy satellite and stressed the importance of strengthening the country’s military capabilities.”

The spy satellite is the first to be launched by North Korea. The launch of the satellite was condemned by the United States and South Korea as a violation of a United Nations Security Council resolution that prohibits the use of ballistic missile technology.

North Korea’s claim of success with its spy satellite has not been independently verified. However, if the claim is true, it would be a significant development for North Korea’s military program.

The spy satellite could be used to gather intelligence about the United States and other countries in the region. The information could be used to improve North Korea’s military capabilities, including its ability to attack targets abroad.

North Korea’s claim could also be seen as an effort to boost the country’s military profile. North Korea has long pursued an aggressive military policy, and the launch of the satellite is part of that effort.

The United States and South Korea have expressed concern over North Korea’s launch of a satellite. They warned that it could increase tensions in the region.

North Korea’s claim of success with its spy satellite has a number of implications, both for North Korea and for the region.

For North Korea, the claim could boost the country’s military capabilities and raise its profile in the international community. However, the claim could also increase tensions in the region and raise the risk of conflict.

For the United States and South Korea, the claim represents a new challenge to their security. They need to increase their efforts to monitor and deter threats from North Korea.

North Korea’s claim of success with its spy satellite is a significant development for the region. The claim could boost North Korea’s military capabilities and increase tensions in the region.