World Phenomenon, Mysterious La Mancha Negra

Warta Indonesia En. Ver – La Mancha Negra, or “The Black Spot” in Spanish, is a natural phenomenon that occurred in Venezuela in 1986. This mysterious black substance appeared on the highway between the capital Caracas and Simón Bolívar International Airport. The substance has a sticky texture like chewing gum and can cause traffic accidents.

At first, this mysterious substance was only found on a road 45 meters long. However, over time, the substance continued to spread to reach eight miles of road. By 1991, the substance had covered an area of 15 square kilometers.

The appearance of La Mancha Negra has become a mystery for scientists and the Venezuelan people. Many theories have been put forward to explain the source of this substance, but to date there is no theory that has been widely accepted.

  • Badly Mixed Asphalt Theory

One of the most popular theories is that La Mancha Negra is the result of poorly mixed asphalt used during road construction. This theory is supported by the fact that the substance has a texture and color similar to asphalt.

This theory is also supported by statements from the road workers involved in the construction of the road. They said that they saw the asphalt used to build the road had poor quality.

  • Petroleum Leak Theory

Another popular theory is that La Mancha Negra is the result of a petroleum leak. This theory is supported by the fact that Venezuela is the world’s largest oil producer.

This theory is also supported by research conducted by scientists from Simón Bolívar University. The study showed that the The Black Spot substance contains compounds found in petroleum.

  • Natural Disaster Theory

Another theory that exists is that La Mancha Negra is the result of a natural disaster, such as a volcanic eruption or earthquake. This theory is supported by statements from some people who say they saw the The Black Spot substance appear suddenly on the road.

However, this theory is not supported by strong scientific evidence.

  • Impact of La Mancha Negra

The appearance of The Black Spot has had a significant impact on the Venezuelan people. The substance has caused many traffic accidents, which have killed thousands of people.

In addition, the substance has also damaged the environment. The substance has polluted the water and soil around the highway.

The Venezuelan government has made efforts to deal with the La Mancha Negra phenomenon. One of the efforts made was to close the road affected by the substance.

Another effort made was to use chemicals to clean the substance. However, these efforts were not successful to the fullest.

To date, The Black Spot is still a mystery that has not been solved. This phenomenon has become one of the most intriguing natural phenomena in the world.

The La Mancha Negra phenomenon is a reminder that nature can be a mysterious and unpredictable force. It is also a reminder of the importance of protecting the environment.(HAMOOD)