Alan Walker Performs in Shenzhen, Netizens Focus on Audience Seating

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Norwegian DJ and electronic music producer Alan Walker recently held a concert in Shenzhen, China, on November 24, 2023. The concert was part of Alan Walker’s global tour “World of Walker.” The event was a massive success, with tickets selling out quickly. Thousands of Alan Walker fans from around the world crowded the concert venue located at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre.

Amid the success of the concert, there was one thing that caught the attention of netizens—the shape of the audience seats. The concert seats for Alan Walker in Shenzhen resembled typical plastic chairs used at weddings or parties.

This became a topic of discussion among netizens on social media, with many expressing amusement and some expressing bewilderment. One netizen on Twitter wrote, “The chairs look like wedding seats,” while another commented, “The concert is awesome, but why are the chairs like that?”

Some netizens created memes mocking the design of the audience seats. One viral Twitter meme featured a photo of Alan Walker standing on the concert stage. Below the stage, neatly arranged seats were visible, with the caption “Wedding Seats” written underneath.

Responding to the buzz, Alan Walker also made a comment. In an Instagram post, he admitted finding the design of the audience seats amusing. “The audience seats are really funny,” wrote Alan Walker. “But, I’m happy to perform in Shenzhen and meet my fans there.”

The unique design of the audience seats had a purpose. According to the concert organizers, the chairs were chosen to allow the audience more freedom to move and dance. Plastic chairs were also chosen for their affordability and easy availability.

Despite the unconventional seating, Alan Walker’s concert in Shenzhen remained a memorable moment for his fans. They could enjoy Alan Walker’s performance live and experience an extraordinary concert atmosphere.

Apart from the distinctive audience seats, several other aspects of Alan Walker’s concert in Shenzhen caught the attention of netizens. One highlight was Alan Walker’s dazzling performance.

During the concert, Alan Walker performed various hit songs such as “Faded,” “Alone,” “Darkside,” and “On My Way.” He also showcased some new unreleased songs. Alan Walker’s performance received praise from many netizens who considered him a highly talented DJ and music producer.

“Alan Walker is really cool,” wrote one netizen on Twitter. “He can play various music genres very well.” Another commented, “The concert was very enjoyable; I truly enjoyed Alan Walker’s performance.”

In addition to Alan Walker’s performance, another aspect that captured netizens’ attention was the extraordinary concert atmosphere. Alan Walker’s concert in Shenzhen was attended by thousands of fans from around the world.

Fans of Alan Walker were visibly enthusiastic, singing, dancing, and even joining in the festivities on stage with Alan Walker. The incredible concert atmosphere made the event a highly memorable moment for Alan Walker’s fans, who felt they were part of a large family that loves Alan Walker’s music.

Alan Walker’s concert in Shenzhen also served as evidence that electronic music has become one of the popular music genres globally. The concert attracted thousands of fans from various countries, including Indonesia.

Through this concert, Alan Walker has proven himself to be one of the most successful DJs and electronic music producers globally.