Jordan’s Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, Fifth Airdrop Operation with Princess Salma’s Participation

WARTAINDONESIA EN Ver – On Thursday night, Jordan’s Humanitarian Aid to Gaza the Air Force once again demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian aid by conducting the fifth airdrop operation in northern Gaza. This operation, involving aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, aimed to deliver urgent medical assistance to the Jordanian Field Hospital/Gaza 76.

Medical equipment and other essential supplies were parachuted to support the hospital’s continued operations amid the ongoing emergency.

One notable aspect of this operation was the participation of Princess Salma, who not only holds a high position as a member of the royal family but also carries the rank of First Lieutenant/Pilot in the Royal Jordanian Air Force. Her presence underscores the personal commitment of the royal family to directly engage in these humanitarian efforts.

According to reports from the local Kingdom news site, the aircraft crew successfully executed the mission, dropping boxes containing medical equipment and supplies.

This step not only supports medical efforts at the field hospital but also highlights the crucial role of the Royal Jordanian Air Force in providing humanitarian assistance amid the increasingly challenging situation in Gaza.

In an official statement, the Jordanian Armed Forces reiterated their commitment to continue providing support and assistance to the people in the Gaza Strip. They acknowledged that the difficult conditions faced by Gaza residents due to the ongoing conflict with Israel demand a prompt and sustained response.

This airdrop operation is part of a series of measures taken by the Jordanian government in response to the urgent needs in Gaza.

This aligns with the government’s directive to enhance hospital capacity and ensure an adequate supply of medical equipment in the midst of the emergency.

Princess Salma’s participation in this operation also highlights the role of women in the Royal Jordanian Air Force. With the rank of First Lieutenant/Pilot, Princess Salma serves as a tangible example of gender equality in the military sector.

It also demonstrates that women play a significant role in supporting humanitarian missions and military operations.

Beyond direct assistance, Jordan has also expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza through various diplomatic channels. The Jordanian government continues to urge for a ceasefire and sustainable peace efforts in the region.

As a further step, it is hoped that this airdrop operation will be part of broader efforts to achieve peace and stability in the Gaza Strip.

Authorities in Jordan and at the international level are expected to collaborate in addressing the root causes of the conflict and ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches those in need quickly and efficiently.

With a steadfast commitment to providing humanitarian support, Jordan’s Humanitarian Aid to Gaza actively plays its role in the global effort to respond to humanitarian crises and build a path towards lasting peace.