Video Viral: Israeli soldier destroying children’s toys and books in a school

WARTAINSDONESIA EN – A video circulating on social media on July 15, 2023, shows an Israeli soldier destroying children’s toys and books in a school supplies store in the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. The act of vandalism sparked condemnation from various parties.

In the video, the Israeli soldier, who is still wearing combat gear, casually throws children’s toys, such as dolls, cars, and Legos. He also kicks and stomps on children’s books.

The soldier looks very happy when he succeeds in destroying children’s toys. He even says, “It only costs 2000 shekels, I’ll replace it tomorrow for 5000 shekels.”

The act of vandalism drew condemnation from various parties, including human rights organizations. Amnesty International called the act “a cruel and inhumane act.”

“The actions of this Israeli soldier are a clear example of disrespect for Palestinian civilians,” said Saleh Higazi, Amnesty International’s Director for the Middle East and North Africa. “Children’s toys and books are not legitimate targets in conflict.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has responded to the video. The IDF said it is investigating the soldier in the video for his unbecoming actions.

“We condemn this act of vandalism,” said IDF spokesman Ran Kochav. “We will take disciplinary action against the responsible soldier.”

The act of vandalism by Israeli soldiers is not the first time it has happened. Previously, Israeli soldiers have also been caught on camera destroying the property of Palestinian civilians, including homes, shops, and schools.

These actions add to the long list of human rights violations committed by Israel against Palestinians. These human rights violations have been a chronic problem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Psychological Impact

The act of vandalism by Israeli soldiers not only causes material damage, but also has a profound psychological impact on Palestinian children.

Children’s toys and books are a means for children to learn, play, and develop their creativity. When children’s toys and books are destroyed, it can lead to feelings of fear, trauma, and depression.

“This act is a form of psychological violence that can have a negative impact on children’s development,” said Dr. Abeer Al-Alami, a child psychologist in Gaza. “Children may become afraid to play, learn, and socialize.”

Al-Alami said that children who experience this type of psychological violence need special support and care. They need the opportunity to express their emotions and learn how to cope with their trauma.

Moral Damage

In addition to the psychological impact, the act of vandalism by Israeli soldiers also causes moral damage. The act shows that Israel does not respect the human rights and dignity of Palestinian civilians, including children.

“This act is a violation of international law,” said Higazi from Amnesty International. “Israel must be held accountable for this act and take steps to prevent similar incidents from happening again.”

The act of vandalism by Israeli soldiers is a bad precedent for the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The act shows that Israel has no good intentions to resolve the conflict peacefully and fairly.