Lemons: The Magical Fruit for Spirituality and Health

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WARTAINDONESIA EN – Lemons are a fruit that is very easy to find in Indonesia. They are often used as a kitchen spice, food ingredient, or beverage. However, did you know that lemons also have various spiritual properties?

In spiritual science, lemons are believed to have various properties, including:

  • Rejecting negative energy. Lemons are believed to be able to reject negative energy from outside the self. This is because lemons have a strong and refreshing aroma. This aroma is believed to ward off negative energy and create a positive atmosphere.
  • Increasing positive energy. Lemons are also believed to increase positive energy within the self. This is because lemons contain high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help boost the immune system and increase the production of serotonin, which plays a role in improving mood.
  • Cleansing the aura. Lemons are also believed to cleanse the aura. Aura is a layer of energy that surrounds the human body. A clean aura is believed to provide protection against various kinds of disturbances.
  • Increasing spiritual power. Lemons are also believed to increase spiritual power. This is because lemons have a high vibration. This high vibration is believed to help open the third eye and increase a person’s spiritual abilities.

Here are some ways to use lemons in spiritual science:

  • Sprinkling lemon water around the house. Lemon water is believed to ward off negative energy from around the house. To do this, sprinkle lemon water around the house, especially at the entrance and windows.
  • Bathing in lemon water. Bathing in lemon water is believed to cleanse the aura and increase positive energy within the self. To do this, mix lemon water with warm water, then bathe as usual.
  • Spreading the aroma of lemons. The aroma of lemons is believed to create a positive atmosphere and increase positive energy. To do this, rub lemon essential oil on your palms, then inhale the aroma. You can also light a lemon aromatherapy candle in the room.
  • Reading prayers while holding a lemon. Lemons can also be used to help increase spiritual power. To do this, read a prayer while holding a lemon. The prayer can be adapted to your beliefs.

True Stories about the Properties of Lemons in Spiritual Science

Here are some true stories about the properties of lemons in spiritual science:

  • One day, there was a woman who was experiencing supernatural disturbances. She often felt scared and anxious. After consulting with a spiritual expert, the woman was advised to bathe in lemon water. After bathing in lemon water, the woman felt calmer and more comfortable. The supernatural disturbances she experienced also gradually disappeared.
  • There was a man who had financial problems. He often had difficulty finding a job and saving money. After following the advice of a spiritual expert, the man began to regularly bathe in lemon water. After a few months, the man got a good job and began to be able to save money.
  • There was a child who had difficulty learning. He often felt bored and not focused. After being advised by a spiritual teacher, the child began to regularly drink lemon water. After a few weeks, the child began to be more focused and enthusiastic about learning.

Lemons are a fruit that has many benefits, both for spirituality and health. With its various properties, lemons can be a means to improve your quality of life.

Tips for Using Lemons for Health

Here are some tips for using lemons for health:

  • Drink lemon water every day. You can add honey or sugar to improve the taste.
  • Add lemon juice to food or drinks. You can add lemon juice to salads, smoothies, or tea.
  • Apply lemon essential oil to the skin. Lemon essential oil can help relieve muscle and joint pain.

I hope this information is helpful.