Start Your Morning with an Islamic Breakfast, Anti-Drowsy and Add Energy

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WARTAINDONESAIA EN – Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. A healthy and nutritious breakfast can provide the energy and nutrients your body needs to start the day. In the ideal Islamic breakfast is one that contains fruits. This is in accordance with the advice of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who said:

“Whoever eats seven ajwa dates in the morning, he will not be poisoned or bewitched on that day.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Fruits contain various essential nutrients that your body needs, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. These nutrients can provide energy, boost your immune system, and protect your body from various diseases.

Benefits of Eating Breakfast with Fruits

Here are some of the benefits of eating breakfast with fruits:

  • Increase energy

Fruits contain natural sugars that can provide quick and long-lasting energy. These natural sugars are healthier than added sugars that are often found in processed foods and drinks.

  • Boost your immune system

Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are important for the immune system, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. These vitamins can help your body fight off infections and diseases.

  • Protect your body from diseases

Antioxidants found in fruits can help protect your body from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can cause various diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

  • Maintain your digestive health

Fiber found in fruits can help regulate digestion and prevent constipation.

  • Maintain your heart health

Fruits contain potassium that can help lower blood pressure. Potassium can also help maintain the health of your heart and blood vessels.

Examples of Islamic Breakfast Menu with Fruits

Here are some examples of Islamic breakfast menu with fruits:

  • Oatmeal with fruits and nuts

Oatmeal is a good source of fiber for digestive health. You can add fresh fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, or blueberries, and nuts, such as almonds or cashews, to add nutrients.

  • Yoghurt with fruits and granola

Yoghurt is a good source of protein and calcium for bone health. You can add fresh fruits, such as apples, pears, or melons, and granola to add flavor and texture.

  • Whole-wheat bread with fruit spread

Whole-wheat bread is a good source of fiber for digestive health. You can add fruit spread made from fresh fruit, such as strawberry spread or blueberry spread.

  • Hard-boiled eggs with fruit salad

Eggs are a good source of protein for energy. You can add fruit salad made from fresh fruits, such as apples, pears, or oranges.

  • Fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are an easy way to consume fruits. You can mix various types of fresh fruits with milk or yoghurt.

You can choose a breakfast menu that suits your taste and needs. However, make sure to consume fresh and diverse fruits.

Tips for Islamic Breakfast

Here are some additional tips for Islamic breakfast:

  • Consume healthy and nutritious foods

In addition to fruits, you can also add other healthy and nutritious foods to your breakfast menu. For example, you can add oatmeal, yoghurt, eggs, whole-wheat bread, or nuts.

  • Avoid unhealthy foods

Avoid consuming unhealthy foods, such as processed foods, fast food, or sugary drinks. These foods do not provide the nutrients your body needs, and they can actually be harmful to your health.

  • Eat breakfast regularly

Eating breakfast regularly can help maintain your health and improve your productivity. Try to eat breakfast every day, especially before you start your activities.

breakfast in muslim with fruits is a good choice to start your day. This breakfast can provide energy, boost your immune system, and protect your body from various diseases.***