Skeptical? Fisher Investments Sees Positive Opportunities in the 2024 Global Stock Market

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WIO EN – Amidst investor skepticism towards the global stock market, Fisher Investments sees positive opportunities in 2024. This was conveyed at the Market Outlook event held by PT BRI Manajemen Investasi (BRI-MI) with the theme “Global Economic Outlook 2024”.

Benjamin Kothe, Institutional Director, Senior Relationship Manager at FI, explained that 2024 is the second year of the Bull Market phase (Young Bull). Historically, Bull Markets can last up to five years.

“While global investor sentiment is currently at a skeptical level, we see the potential for positive surprises for investors,” said Kothe. “This skeptical environment can be an opportunity for investors who dare to take action.”

Kothe explained that Fisher Investments uses a specific approach to investing, which is to consider a country’s macro conditions before entering an investment. This is done to control risk for investors.

“We believe that the Top-down investment process approach, which takes into account macro factors, offers greater potential for optimal portfolio returns and more measurable risk control,” said Kothe.

Strategic Partnership Between BRI-MI and Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments collaborates with BRI-MI as a technical advisor for the Reksa Dana BRI G20 Sharia Equity Fund Dollar. This product has shown positive performance with a return of 13.57% between November 2023 and February 2024.

“The collaboration with Fisher Investments is BRI-MI’s commitment to providing the best investment solutions for our clients,” said Ira Irmalia Sjam, Acting President Director of BRI-MI. “Reksa Dana BRI G20 Sharia Equity Fund Dollar provides investors with the opportunity to achieve optimal returns in US Dollars.”

The Potential of US Dollar Mutual Funds

US Dollar mutual funds are an attractive investment instrument for diversifying an investor’s portfolio. These funds offer potential gains from market movements and access to global stocks.

“US Dollar mutual funds also provide exchange rate benefits for investors holding Rupiah,” said Ira.

Awards for BRI-MI

In 2023, BRI-MI received awards at the 2023 Investment Manager Awards as the Best Investment Manager for the USD Fixed Income Category (3-year period) and the Best Investment Manager for the USD Equity Category (3-year period).

These awards demonstrate BRI-MI’s commitment to managing client funds professionally and delivering optimal returns.

Despite skepticism in the global stock market, Fisher Investments sees positive opportunities in 2024. Investors who want to capitalize on this opportunity can consider US Dollar mutual funds such as the BRI G20 Sharia Equity Fund Dollar.

About BRI-MI

PT BRI Manajemen Investasi (BRI-MI) is a subsidiary of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BRI) that focuses on investment fund management. BRI-MI offers various mutual fund products that can be tailored to the needs and risk profiles of investors.

About Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments is a renowned financial consultant founded in 1979. Fisher Investments has offices in 14 countries around the world and manages investment funds worth over $175 billion.