Indonesia Makes Waves in Global Market: Furniture Expo IFEX 2024

WIO EN – The Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry once again showcased its remarkable strength at the recently concluded Indonesia International Furniture Expo IFEX 2024. Held from February 29th to March 3rd, 2024, the expo generated a staggering US$300 million, equivalent to Rp 4.6 trillion (based on an exchange rate of Rp 15,494 per US dollar).

The success of IFEX 2024 stands as a testament to the high competitiveness of Indonesian furniture and handicrafts in the global market. This is further evidenced by the enthusiastic participation of international buyers. A total of 13,730 international buyers from 117 countries around the world flocked to the expo, demonstrating strong global interest in Indonesian furniture.

European nations, Australia, China, and the United States (US) were among the top countries with the highest number of buyers. Additionally, the expo attracted buyers from developing economies like India, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Abdul Sobur, Chairman of the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI), expressed his pride in IFEX 2024’s achievements. “Even amidst the current global economic climate, these results demonstrate that our furniture industry can significantly contribute to the national economy,” Sobur stated.

Sobur also emphasized the crucial role of the government in supporting policies that restrict the export of furniture raw materials, including rattan. “This is vital to ensure the availability of our raw materials and to guarantee sustained growth and development for our industry,” he added.

Indonesia’s Furniture Edge

The success of Indonesian furniture in the global market stems from several key strengths, including:

  • Highly skilled artisans and their exceptional creativity. Indonesian furniture and handicrafts are renowned for their unique and artistic designs, crafted with superior quality.
  • Diverse range of raw materials. Indonesia’s rich natural resources provide a vast selection of high-quality raw materials for furniture and handicraft production.
  • Competitive pricing. Indonesian furniture and handicrafts are generally more affordable compared to products from other countries.

J&T Cargo Steps Up Support

For IFEX 2024, HIMKI collaborated with J&T Cargo as the official logistics partner. This partnership aims to provide optimal shipping solutions for furniture and handicraft manufacturers.

Rizki Pahrudi, Project Manager of IFEX 2024, highlighted the importance of this collaboration in facilitating the smooth operation of furniture and handicraft businesses. “J&T Cargo recognizes the significant logistical needs of the furniture and handicraft industry. Therefore, we partnered with them as the official logistics partner to offer seamless domestic and international shipping solutions,” said Rizki.


IFEX 2024 serves as a strong indicator of the immense potential for Indonesian furniture and handicrafts to compete effectively in the global market. With continued support from the government and various stakeholders, this industry is poised for further growth and is expected to make significant contributions to the national economy.

This news highlights the promising future of the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry. By consistently enhancing product quality and design, along with strengthening global marketing networks, Indonesian furniture can become a dominant force in its domestic market and a leading commodity in the international arena.