Ukrainian Defenses Admit Inability to Intercept Supersonic Russian Onyx Missiles

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Warta Indonesia News – Yuri Ignat, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, admitted that Ukrainian defenses are incapable of intercepting the supersonic Russian “Onyx” missiles.

Ignat stated that Russia used this type of missile for the first time, emphasizing that detecting and intercepting them is challenging.

The “Onyx” missiles are designed to target ships and vessels, traveling at a speed of 2.6 Mach, which is over 3000 kilometers per hour.

Upon launch, these missiles can climb to high altitudes to save fuel. As they approach the target, they can fly just 10-15 meters above the water to destroy the ship.

The “Onyx 3M-55” missile is considered one of the best naval missiles in its class, designed as an anti-ship missile.

The “Onyx” missile, belonging to the cruise missile category, is capable of targeting an aircraft carrier at a range of 600 kilometers, according to Russian media reports.

The “Onyx” missile is the core of the Russian “Bastion” coastal missile system, capable of striking both maritime and land-based targets.

Since the start of the special military operation, this system has been used to strike important Ukrainian strategic targets.

The Ukrainian General Staff also announced the destruction of fourteen Russian missiles and twenty-three drones in the past twenty-four hours.

They further revealed that Russian forces are focusing their main efforts on preventing further advancement of Ukrainian troops in the Kherson and Zaporizhia axes.